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Best Deal Avon AV72 Cobra 150/80R16 Rear Tire - 90000001432


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Best Deal Avon AV72 Cobra 150/80R16 Rear Tire - 90000001432

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Product OverviewBest Deal Avon AV72 Cobra 150/80R16 Rear Tire - 90000001432
Sink your teeth into the road with Avon's AV72 Cobra 150/80B16 Rear Tire. With deeper, stylized treads for superior gripping to make the most of your engine's torque, this tire was designed to meet the needs of modern cruising, touring, and custom motorcycles. The Cobra has a unique design that looks great and balances incredible acceleration with maximum durability, keeping you on the road longer.

• Uses combined technology for rapid water dispersal, tire stability, and resistance to wear, including proprietary designs seen for the first time on Avon custom, cruiser, and touring radial motorcycle tires

• Extra wide and ultra quiet, these tires a perfect for touring and can handle heavy loads

• Brings new heights of performance while maintaining the legendary mileage of Avon tires for touring

• Unique "snakeskin" sidewall comes in white or black and complements the Cobra logo

• Additional sizes available for the latest motorcycle models and unique, innovative custom rears

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V - Rated up to 149 MPH
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