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Best Deal Danmoto Highwayman 2-1 Black Exhaust - HM-00031


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Best Deal Danmoto Highwayman 2-1 Black Exhaust - HM-00031

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Product OverviewBest Deal Danmoto Highwayman 2-1 Black Exhaust - HM-00031
• The Danmoto Highwayman Full Exhaust systems are designed to give your bike a big performance gain

• These systems are derived from drag bike applications

•They are short, aggressive looking and build with best performance in mind

•They feature stepped headers, a full merge collector with spring held headers and a megaphone muffler

•The sound is a very low, deep rumble, due to the big sized baffle in the muffler

• If you want it really loud, you can remove the baffle with 2 screws and turn the exhaust into a completely open system

• They are exhausts systems are suitable for stock and heavily tuned engines

•The whole exhaust system is made of Stainless Steel, Grade 304. This includes the internals of the muffler, as well as the mounting hardware

•The muffler endcap is made off contrast cut billet aluminum

• It's a very lightweight exhaust system, the total weight is just about 4kg

• This exhaust system has a no surface coating

• The stainless steel was brushed to give it the "Works" look you know from super sport racing exhaust systems

• The Black Systems use a plasma spray ceramic coating

• One year Manufactures warranty

• Only works with with mid-control models.

End Cap Or Tip Material:
Exhaust System:
Head Pipe Diameter:
1-3/4" to 2"
Heat Shield:
Not Included
Muffler Color:
Muffler Length:
Muffler Style: